10 May 2017

Visiting Semporna

Semporna was founded soon after the British North Borneo Company established Sandakan, and initially settled by Chinese traders, most fleeing from Spanish attack on the Sulu Sultanate. The name Semporna means place of rest (as in Sanskrit "sampoorna" meaning accomplishment i.e. implying completion of a journey into a settlement) and was given after the British quelled resistance from the local Bajaus in the mid-1880s, changing it from Tong Talun. Another story is that Semporna was called place to settle or meeting place by four admirals Panglima Kabogan, Panglima Bum-Bum, Panglima Simunul and Panglima Abdullah.

The majority of the population is Bajau, many of whom live in sprawling stilt villages over the water on the outskirts of town. Also on the sea around Semporna live thousands of people of the Bajau Laut (also known as Sea Gypsies or Sama di Laut). They are one of the few nomadic sea borne peoples of the world and spend most of their lives from birth to old age on board boats, finding a livelihood from the rich coral reefs in the area. Only after death burial takes place on land.
Semporna is located at the tip of Semporna Peninsula around Lahad Datu Bay (also known as Darvel Bay), and is visited by tourists as a base for scuba diving or snorkeling trips to Pulau Sipadan (Sipadan Island), some 36 kilometers southeast of town.
Marine products are still the mainstay of the local economy, as well as tourism. Pearl culturing is a major component of this industry.
The in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. Lepa means "boat" in the dialect of east coast Bajau. In this festival, Bajau people decorate their boats with colorful flags.

5 Apr 2017

The Beauty Of Mataking

Mataking Island consists of two islands, the bigger Mataking Besar and the smaller Mataking Kecil. The only resort on the island is located at Mataking Besar. You can walk around the whole island in about an hour; it is only 3km by 1,5km. During low tide you can even walk from the big island to the small island. The whole island is surrounded by house reefs, where you can easily do some fun snorkeling.

7 Mar 2017

Johor - Tawau

Berita baik untuk penduduk Johor & Singapura!!!
Penerbangan Airasia Johor Bahru-Tawau kini dibuka mulai Mei 2017.

25 Feb 2017

8 Paradise Island

8 Paradise Island

Bohey dulang islands
Sibuan islands
Mantabuan islands
Mataking islands
Pandanan islands
Pompom islands
Mabul islands
Kapalai islands

Come on & feel the experience !
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8 Jan 2017

Kepelbagaian Batu Karang Dan Hidupan Marin

Semporna terkenal dengan perairannya yang cantik. Kepelbagaian batu karang dan hidupan marin yang unik menjadikannya sebagai pusat perlancongan bertaraf dunia. Pulau-pulau seperti Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, dan Mataking tidak asing lagi bagi pelancong yang suka melakukan aktiviti ‘Scuba Diving’. Selain itu, terdapat banyak lagi pulau-pulau yang semakin melonjak popularitinya seperti Sibuan, Bohey Dulang, Pom-Pom, Maiga dan banyak lagi yang dikenali kerana keindahan dan keunikan dasar laut dan pantainya yang memutih.

Daerah Semporna dikunjungi pelancong luar dan dalam Negara sepanjang tahun dan waktu kemuncak kemasukan pelancong adalah pada bulan April kerana bulan ini diadakan Pesta Regatta Lepa. Regatta Lepa adalah pesta air yang memaparkan keunikan budaya masyarakat Semporna. Acara yang paling menarik perhatian adalah perarakan perahu lepa yang dihiasi 'Sambulayang, tipas-tipas dan panji-panji'

Pulau Bohey Dulang adalah salah satu tempat yang tinggi di Semporna yang sinonim dengan aktiviti mendaki. Pemandangan dari atas bukit Bohey Dulang paling menarik perhatian pelancong kerana keindahannya.

3 Dec 2016

The Bajau Laut

The Bajau Laut, sometimes been called the "Sea Gypsies" or "Sea Nomads" is a uniquely maritime people living in the coastal areas of the East Malaysian state of Sabah for hundreds of years. They have adapted to life at sea as no other people in the world, and some are able to free-dive 20m to the bottom of the reef to hunt for fish. Join our daily guided trip and explore the Bajau Laut's special attractions!!

29 Nov 2016

Good To Visit For 365 Days A Year

Malaysian Ringgit is weakening again. East coast of West Malaysian now is temporarily closed down because of the rainy season . Check out Semporna Sabah! Semporna's islands are good to visit for 365 days a year, it is only taking 30-50 mins to every islands for one way. Travel to Semporna is just so easy, you don't need to rush for money exchange, long travel time, and without carrying a passport! Welcome Malaysian, come & visit us. All tourist from all over the world came here. Why don't you?